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What is GERAMM? Why so geram?

GERAMM (Gerakan Rakyat Anti Manipulasi Minyak) will organise a protest marching from Kampung Baru to KLCC (as shown in map) at 13 Jun2008. They are also planning another bigger protest with targetted 1 million participants on 17th July 2008. The declared reason of their protest is very simple: "They want the BN government to drop the petrol price".

This is a brief summary of GERAMM: (quoted from
Gerakan Rakyat Anti Manipulasi Minyak (GERAMM) adalah merupakan pakatan generasi muda yang membentuk solidariti untuk menyatakan bantahan ke atas kenaikan mendadak harga minyak yang diumumkan oleh kerajaan pada awal Jun lepas.

GERAMM disertai oleh Angkatan Muda Keadilan Malaysia, Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat, Pemuda Sosialis DAP, IKRAR, dan Kelab Anwar Ibrahim (AIC).

Yes, everyone sure geram for the fuel price hike announced by PM recently. However, how many of us can rationally analyse the root cause of the price hike? Why Pak Lah so silly to announce the price hike even though he knew the rakyat will geram while his position is so "unstable" due to the internal & external challenges?

Yes. we can GERAM.. We can protest to show our GERAM.. but pls DO UR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU PROTEST!! You are not marching on the street for fun..or just because you want to join the crowd.. Tell people what you are fighting for? What is your proposal? How much you have analysed the root causes of the oil hike & the financial capability of the government? so far, i didn't see any proposal & analysis report from GERAMM. i just know they are geram..

Dr M showed in his blog that
"Roughly Malaysia produces 650,000 barrels of crude per day. We consume 400,000 barrels leaving 250,000 barrels to be exported."

The questions are:
  1. Where did our "super ultra extremely profitable" oil revenue for so many years have gone? Did the BN government make use of the oil revenue wisely to develop the country? Did the money corrupted to someway else?
  2. Did the BN government foresee the "oil crisis" 10 or 20 years ago? If they did, they should have well develop the public transportation & infrastructure instead of encouraging us to buy more Proton & Perodua since then. Were they credible or qualified enough to lead the country?
  3. Why the toll fares keep increasing as well? Where have those money gone? Why they focus on building the highway/tolls & cars only while the public transportation were neglected. Is that the BN politicians just foresee the profit to themselves instead of the profit to the country for 10 to 20 years? Why our wages didn't increase much while the inflation keep increasing drastically? How much efforts have the government done to help the low-income group?
  4. Obviously, we are facing global "oil crisis". The ratio of oil consumption versus oil production in Malaysia is too high!! and even getting higher!! how come? who to blame?

Political Super Star in Malaysia?!

Wow.. i just found that Anwar Ibrahim got his own fans club, so-called AIC (Anwar Ibrahim Club) or!!! This is something new that I never seen this kind of club in Malaysia before.. Anwar seems like a Malaysian Idol pula.. is it a trick to attract the Malaysia younger generation? Even our previous "super power" Dr M doesn't have a club like this..

Look what i found in this club:

1. Activities Highlights in AIC
Teh Tarik Session di Restoran Ali Maju, November 2007
Perkhemahan “Kembara AIC” ke Air Terjun Ulu Kemensah, Selangor, November 2007
Sesi Teh Tarik Uptown, 15 December
Perkhemahan “Kembara AIC” ke Air Terjun Tangga, 28,29,30 December 2007

2. Recruitment in AIC
Team Futsal AIC
Kumpulan Kesenian AIC
Kelas Asas Fotografi & Video

3. Merchandise Highlights

Size : XXL, XL, L, M, S

Price : RM25.00 (Cash and Carry)

For shipping within Malaysia, add RM7.00

To purchase, please contact Marini Kamal ( for further information.

Untuk pengetahuan sahabat sekalian, AIC mempunyai merchandise sendiri seperti T-Shirt, Pelekat Cermin Kereta (Car Sticker), Keychain, Notepad dan beberapa barangan baru yang akan dikemaskini beberapa waktu lagi.

It looks like a fantastic youth club for school children & youth.. So encouraged to be put as a co-curricular subject in schools,colleges & universities. It will make you look super cool by wearing the t-shirt with Anwar's handsome face on it.. at least can pretend like you someone who really "concern the political happenings in M'sia", right? :D I think Nike & Adidas need to start printing shirts with M'sia Politician T-shirts, bags, etc.. Perhaps one day Anwar will so popular that he will appear in McDonald video ads!!

This kind of politician fan club seems fantastic.. perhaps more & more of our politicians, e.g: Dr M, Najib, Pak Lah, Lim Guan Eng (father & son), Jeff Ooi, Tony Phua, etc would consider to make one for their own.. they sure can perform better than Malaysia Super Star or Malaysian Idol!! We might have Oscar Award for Malaysia Politic Arena in future too.. wahahaha :D

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

10% Cut On Ministerial Entertainment Allowance?

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Comparison of Oil Prices in Other Countries

Global Oil Price:

Deep Impact in Non-Oil-Producing Countries

Quotes from Al Jazeera News (English version) at 6 June 2008
  • Consumers around the world have been protesting against high oil prices and fuel prices, with US oil topping $139 a barrel after its biggest-ever one-day increase.
  • India's government, which imports 70 per cent of its oil, cut fuel subsidies earlier in the week, causing an 11 per cent rise in the cost of petrol. Thousands of people demonstrated in Mumbai the previous day, also venting their anger at the cost of gas and food.
  • In Indonesia, small businessmen are feeling the pinch. Despite widespread protests, costs have soared by 30 per cent in the last few weeks. The country is also pulling out of Opec, the oil exporters' cartel, because it cannot produce enough oil to export.
  • In Europe, fishermen, farmers and lorry drivers have held massive protests over the rising prices. Action in Belgium turned violent when riot police charged fishermen on Wednesday after rocks and firecrackers were hurled across the barricades.
  • US carrier Continental Airlines announced on Thursday 3,000 job cuts and the halting of service for 67 ageing aircraft because of rising fuel prices.

World petrol prices
The price drivers pay for petrol per litre varies wildly around the world:

Turkey: $2.68
UK: $2.26
Hong Kong: $1.99
Brazil: $1.56
Pakistan: $1.06
US: $1.05
Saudi Arabia: $0.12
Venezuela: $0.05

A comparison with Oil-Producing Countries:

Bahrain - RM 1.03 per litre
Qatar - RM 0.87 per litre
Kuwait - RM 0.68 Per litre
Saudi Arabia - RM 0.39 per litre
Iran - RM 0.35 per litre
Nigeria - RM 0.32 per litre
Malaysia - RM 2.70 per litre

Currency conversion based on USD 1 : RM 3.23

Malaysia is an Oil-Producing country, why our price is catching up to the Non-Oil-Producing countries? Where have our oil revenue gone? @$%##%^*&(

We are damn envy to Qatar as their government truly made use of their oil revenue to develop the country. Here is what they comment on Qatar: "While most countries are suffering from high oil prices, they are also fuelling one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history. For the oil and gas producing state of Qatar, the cost of filling ..."

Play the video clip below to see the prove:

Monday, June 9, 2008

Malaysian Most Wanted Potential Next PM

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Can Anwar be trusted?

While we are still questioning whether Pakatan Rakyat will govern Malaysia and Anwar may become the PM in one day, we also want to know whether Anwar can be trusted or not?

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Do you think Pakatan Rakyat can reduce the fuel price if they can form the Federal Government? reported on Jun 8, 08 2:45pm that "Anwar Ibrahim turut mengulangi pendirian Pakatan untuk menurunkan harga minyak jika mereka memerintah, dan menambah beliau lebih rela kehilangan jawatan daripada membiarkan rakyat merana."

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